Something old, something new!

"Grandpa" is a world-weary senior kitty who just wants a cozy and quiet home to spend his golden years in.  He approached Catharine while she was trapping cats in Camden during the middle of winter.  Catharine asked a local resident if he belonged to anyone and he said he used to belong to the lady across the street...who passed away FIVE YEARS AGO!  Grandpa spent those years on the streets and in abandoned buildings, scrounging for food.  Along the way he contracted FIV and developed a cataract from an untreated eye infection.  Despite it all, Grandpa is gentle and sweet, just wanting to be cozy up in his bed, be scratched on the chin, and of course enjoy a yummy plate of canned food.

Although Grandpa has FIV, he can share a home with other cat-friendly cats.  He coexisted peacefully with the others in our FIV+ cat room, and FIV only spreads among adult cats through deep bites.  The one area where FIV has had an effect on Grandpa is his teeth.  He was missing about a third of his teeth when we got him and ($1000 later) our vet removed another third that were decaying or infected.  The vet said that in a another few years he will probably need the remaining teeth removed, so it's important we find Grandpa a financially-secure home.  His adoption fee has been waived, at least!

Something new are of course KITTENS!  We are getting more in several times a week.  E-mail admin@camdencompanion.org if you are looking for a kitten or pair of kittens; we might have some coming through the pipeline that are exactly what you're looking for.  We are always looking for foster homes for kittens as well!

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 Catharine Dickerson, Director