Joy needs a pet-free home!  Calico Joy is at least 17 years old, having originally been adopted from AWA as an adult in 2004. She is not happy in foster care because, despite having her own room, she can hear and smell the other cats.  Joy adapted well to the animal-free home we placed her in last year: chilling on the sofa near her humans, enjoying being petted, and coming running for the shake of the Temptations treat bag.  

Unfortunately Joy's owner moved to California for a new relationship with someone who owns a dog, so we took Joy back.  Maybe you know someone who lives alone and would like some low-maintenance company?  Joy is in excellent health, with perfect bloodwork done at the vet in 2019.  We are also open to a long-term foster arrangement if you know someone who might be interested but is wary of future vet bills.  For a foster arrangement, Camden Companions would provide all food, litter, and veterinary care.  For either an adoption or long-foster, please fill our our adoption application using the link on the left!

Long-term, the #1 most cost effective way to save feline lives is trap-neuter-return (TNR).  At $45 per surgery, the expense and effort of fixing feral cats is far below the ordeal of trapping, rearing, and vetting litters of feral kittens.   Want to help prevent cat overpopulation?   Sponsor a feral fix by donating $45 using the PayPal button on the left!  

Are you feeding stray/feral cats in Camden, Burlington, or Gloucester counties?  If they are not fixed, NOW is the time to contact us about trap-neuter-return (TNR).  E-mail admin@camdencompanions.org to let us know what town you live in, a description of how many cats hang around, and what time of the day the cats usually show up expecting food.  Cats who are on a regular feeding schedule are usually easy to catch.  We will come to you home, safely trap the cats using humane traps, and bring them back a few days later after they are fixed and recovered from the surgery.  

Foster homes are always needed!  Do you have a spare room and a little time each day to care for a litter of kittens or special needs kitty?  Your home can get a cat off the streets!  We cover all veterinary expenses plus most of the supplies, food, and litter.

Can't adopt or foster but want to help?  Your donation can help keep us rescuing for years to come.  Use the PayPal button on the left or mail a check to Camden Companions Animal Rescue, 33 Wakefield Dr., Medford NJ 08055.

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